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Bilal Abbas Khan shares his thoughts about social media pressure

Streaming on ZEE5, Zindagi’s second original, Ek Jhoothi Love Story, comprises of the talented cast of Bilal Abbas Khan and Madiha Imam in the lead. This romantic comedy has received a lot of attention as it covers the trending topics of love in the age of social media and the prevalent ‘Rishta culture’.

In today’s times social media plays a vital role in every celebrity’s life.  In a conversation, Bilal expressed how he is not a victim to the social media pressure. “I am not very good with social media. I know that being a public figure you are always under scrutiny, so I’ve kept my life extremely private because it is very dear to me. I don’t use Instagram and Twitter a lot. I can’t afford to keep thinking of what to post or what not to. I like being engrossed in my work which does not leave me much time to invest on social media.”

However, being in the TV industry often requires celebrities to have public pages where they can interact with their fans and update the audience on what’s coming. Similarly, Bilal Abbas Khan also has an online presence with millions of followers. “Within my limited capacity, I try to be as active as possible on social media since it’s the only way I get to stay in touch with my fans. But having said that, I’m not very big on posting content. I keep it very basic.”

Ek Jhoothi Love Story highlights the mind-set of chasing the ‘ideal’ life partner. The show deals with romantic relationship expectations and middle class troubles conveying them in a light hearted manner.

Zindagi’s second original ‘Ek Jhoothi Love Story’ is now streaming on ZEE5.

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