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Pakistan Crescent Collective Hosts Historic Panel Discussion at Cannes International Film Festival with Mano Animation Studios

Cannes, France

The Pakistan Crescent Collective inaugurated its presence at the Cannes Film Festival by hosting a groundbreaking panel discussion featuring the esteemed team from Mano Animation Studios, creators of Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animated feature film, “The Glassworker.” This momentous event provided attendees with an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the highly anticipated project ahead of its forthcoming Annecy World Premiere.

The panel discussion, moderated by celebrated filmmaker Mohammed Ali Naqvi, Chairman of the Pakistani Academy Selection Committee, delved into the innovative aspects and challenges encountered during the creation of “The Glassworker.” Director Usman Riaz and Producer Khizer Riaz shared their insights, offering a captivating narrative of their journey in bringing this landmark film to life.

“The Glassworker” presents a captivating tale set against the backdrop of a country inspired by Pakistan, focusing on the compelling relationship between a father and son who run a glass workshop. Amidst the turmoil of an impending war, their lives are further complicated by the arrival of an army colonel and his musically gifted daughter, Alliz. The film boasts a stellar voice cast including Art Malik, Sacha Dhawan, Anjli Mohindra, and Tony Jayawardena.

Usman Riaz expressed his gratitude, stating, “It is an honor to be presenting our journey at Cannes. For our first film ‘The Glassworker’ to receive so much love and wonderful support from our peers is truly special.”

Khizer Riaz, Producer of “The Glassworker” and Mano Animation Studios founder, echoed this sentiment, expressing his gratitude to the Pakistan Crescent Collective for their support. “To be acknowledged and supported by the international film industry at the world’s most prestigious film festival is truly a dream come true,” he remarked.

Mohammed Ali Naqvi, Chairman of the Pakistani Academy Selection Committee, highlighted the significance of platforms like the Pakistan Crescent Collective in amplifying diverse voices from Pakistan. He emphasized, “our films are breaking barriers and narrating our own stories, in a world where marginalization of stories from the global south and rampant Islamophobia still persists. We are determined to change that very narrative. This year, we’re excited to unveil ‘The Glassworker’ by Usman Riaz and Mano Animation Studios, a young team drawing inspiration from Japan’s legendary Studio Ghibli.”

In addition, Apoorva Bakshi, Executive Producer of “The Glassworker” from Awedacious Originals, reflected on the collaborative journey of creating this cinematic masterpiece. “It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and strife to achieve excellence born from a shared dream,” Bakshi stated.

“The Glassworker,” a labor of love and dedication, will be released on July 26 in Pakistan by Geo Films and Mandviwala Entertainment. International sales will be handled by Charades. The event was sponsored by Zareen’s Restaurant.

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