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Genesis launches premium quality nail bar & gym

Leading men’s grooming brand and salon franchise in Pakistan, Genesis officially launched its latest ventures ‘Benefit The Boutique Gym’ and ‘Nail Bar by Genesis’ on the 7th of October 2022.

The event marked the expansion of the brand’s goals to cater to a broader set of audiences including men, women, and athletes.

Since both new ventures are present in the exact location, the location presents itself as a one-stop solution for multiple self-care needs. Both endeavors by Genesis are now open to the public for fitness and salon services.

After being a success in the men’s department for many years, Genesis decided to venture out and broaden its horizons by taking on new feats, hence, starting a nail bar and gym.

The venue is located in the heart of DHA and is intentionally located to be accessible to all clients within the city. The gym and nail bar both hold the promise of offering the best services in their respective business.

The Nail Bar by Genesis offers premium quality services with various types of manicures and pedicures including gel, acrylic, dip dye, and others. Beyond nails, the salon also offers express services including waxing, threading, hair dye, massage, and all other express services matching up its quality with any other top-notch salon.

The treatments are primarily catered to women but not exclusively. Men too can get their manicures and pedicure to have healthier nails.

Further, ‘Benefit The Boutique Gym’ also caters to a wide audience of athletes and newcomers. The gym has highly professional trainers who are experts in their training techniques including CrossFit, yoga, gymnastics, and other fitness mediums.

The idea for a boutique gym was conceptualized by Mehrdad Mughal, CEO of the gym as he got introduced to the concept of boutique gyms which are a highly popular trend in places like the US and the UK.

‘Benefit The Boutique Gym’ revolves around the concept of a compact gym catered to an exclusive clientele focusing on community and overall wellness/fitness.

“Benefit the Boutique Gym is unlike commercial/bodybuilding gyms that can have an intimidating factor for newcomers, Our team knows it can be scary for people new to fitness to enter the gym environment and our team will ensure to help them through every step of their fitness journey.

On the other hand, Benefit also welcomes advanced athletes and we provide a professional environment for them to achieve their fitness goals,” stated Mehrdad Mughal (CEO of Benefit)

Genesis is a brand that was established in 2002 as one of the pioneers in men’s grooming in Pakistan.

The brand prides itself on being one of the first dedicated grooming emporiums that helped revolutionize the male grooming industry in Karachi and later in Islamabad. Genesis’ success is built on its esteemed services and commitment to catering to individual clients grooming needs.

The salon’s sophisticated high-end product range is simply the best in the industry. Designed for men on the go, and those who can afford some extra relaxation time, Genesis is the place to go.

“Genesis was founded by me in 2002 after I completed my image consultancy diploma in London this place was surely made for metrosexual men and people went crazy for our brand in time we managed to create a brand that created a ripple in the men’s market that was craving for a place like this since long, the rest is HISTORY,” stated Mahvash Ali Asghar, Founder & CEO of Genesis.

‘Nail Bar by Genesis’ and ‘Benefit – The Boutique Gym by Genesis’ officially launch on the 7th of October 2022 at 10th commercial lane Zamzama Phase 5, DHA. Genesis as a brand is ever-expanding and has several other projects in the pipeline. More on that will be discussed at a later date.

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