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Where Poetry Meets Art ILS FEATURE – NOVIN MALIK


Our feature artist, Novin Malik is a miniature painter who has a soul of an artist, born with a sensitive and delicate personality, having an excellent sense of the arts of painting from the heart.

Ajmal is a graduate of Pakiatan’s prestigious & historic University, The National College of Arts, Lahore.

Having received the education and training from this prestigious institution has undoubtedly played a vital role in shaping Novin’s artistic vision.

Creating paintings which have a sense of depth with a high quality of work, contributing to the artist’s journey of gaining a finesse for the art of painting, as well as becoming a well established and loved artist creating some very unique and beautiful painting.

Novin, primarily uses traditional methods to produce her work with handmade paints to persist the craft used for many centuries.

The artist has exhibited her work globally and her latest exhibition was in London which was received very well.

The transition to large-scale from my miniature background has evolved over the last two decades.

Her latest work being exhibited draws inspiration from Mirza Ghalib’s poetry and is reflected in her work through the use of vivid imagery, expressive brushstrokes, and emotional depth.

Novin explores a sense of connection with Ghalib’s words and aims to capture the essence of his poetry through her paintings.

In her series “BACHPAN KA KHEL,” is based on the theme of childhood which is filled with innocence and joy.

The artist feels drawn to the inspiration of her own childhood memories and experiences, as well as the universal experiences that many people can relate to.

Through vibrant colors, playful compositions, and nostalgic imagery, she aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia and remind viewers of the carefree moments of their own childhood.

Overall, her new work is driven by a desire to express emotions, connect with viewers through shared experiences, and pay homage to the beauty of Ghalib’s poetry and the joy of childhood.


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