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“The drama has been happening for decades”: Wajahat Saeed Khan on the political facade of Pakistan on Momina’s Mixed Plate

Momina’s Mixed Plate is much more than just entertainment, each guest has a tale to tell and Momina makes sure no opinions seek partiality;

Conversations are not influenced, and stances definitely are not sugar-coated. Comes bearing evidence of that, is Wajahat Saeed Khan, a well-known Journalist on the hot seat of Momina’s Mixed Plate’s 23rd March episode.

The conversation begins with the reality show that Pakistan politics has become over the years television being reflective of the intellectual minds of people where political shows only display people pitting against each other rather than having an actual conversion, and how Pakistan’s political situation remains a testament to the burial of democracy and voice of people-Wajahat Saeed Khan sure has a lot to say.

In the conversation, Khan discusses major turning points in the country’s trajectory that changed his perspective of Pakistan, as well as the country itself, that it still hasn’t recovered.

“Three things happened that changed my perspective of the country: Benazir’s assassination, Musharraf’s out and Mumbai attack.”, he stated.

The journalist recalls his experience covering Imran Khan’s election, and the moment he realized he had had enough.

He stated, “Then I covered the Khan election, spent a few weeks in the office, being a fly on the wall and that’s when I flew out to my mom in the late fall of 2018 after spending a few weeks at the prime minister Imran Khan’s office and said mama, I’m done, I’m leaving.” He talked about how his faith in the country and its leaders was yet again shaken,While acknowledging Imran Khan’s leadership and widespread support he appreciated him, however, Wajahat stated “I had seen things where I was like, you know what, this isn’t as tabdeeli-ed as one would think.”

Wajahat blamed the leaders for the country’s deteriorating state and its lack of stability all these years.

He stated, “If we don’t realize this as our moment, the folks who have been running the ship for decades now will just run it into the ground”, as a wake-up call to aware the youth a sense of urgency.

He urged the youth to be self-sufficient and take action to preserve their fundamental rights and freedom at least. “We can just hang back and watch them take away our conversations, we can watch them take away our freedom, we can allow them to tell us how to wear and what to wear and what to eat and what to drink, and where to go, or we can try to take it back.”

Momina’s Mixed Plate has clearly left the viewers with a lot to say about each aspect covered in the conversation, this must be claimed as an acclamation symbolizing how thought-provoking and intriguing the episode was, leaving the viewers like us craving for more.

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