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Friday, May 24, 2024

Techstirr commits revenue towards educating children in Pakistan

Techstirr (Pvt) Ltd., a leading global technology company, has signed an MOU with Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF) to help donate towards educating deaf children in Pakistan.

With offices globally around New York, London and Dubai, Techstirr is now making its mark in Pakistan by opening its office in Karachi, Pakistan.

Techstirr CEO recently met up with Ministry of IT and presented the companies grand plans to digitize every business in Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion Waleed Khan, Director of Marketing stated, “Our main aim is to create value. The biggest value proposition we have to offer as people is to give back to our community. Pakistan has over 1 million deaf children, out of which only 50,000 can get an education. This leads to over 950,000 kids who will have no future due to lack of education. These kids just speak a different language than us, sign language.”

He further adds, “I am pleased to announce that we have committed a percentage of our revenue towards educating deaf children, by donating to Deaf Reach. Any sale made by our company in Pakistan this will be applicable for, and this is a big benefit for our clients to also contribute towards such a noble cause.”

Richard Geary – Founder / Director of Deaf Reach Program mentioned, “Our 7 Deaf Reach Schools, Training Centers, and Colleges across Pakistan are meeting the needs of education for the Deaf community.”

He added: “For the past 3 decades the Deaf Reach Program has improved the lives of over 5,000 students and their families by providing academic and skills training programs leading to employment and self-reliance. Our collaboration with Techstirr will go far towards empowering the children in our care, and helping them to build a better life.”

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