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Sonya Hussyn raises the bar for portrayal of strong female characters on screen

Esteemed actor Sonya Hussyn is all set to impress with another powerful female lead role as Noor ul Ain in her upcoming drama serial, ‘Jinhe Rastay Mey Khabar Hui’.

The 6 Sigma Plus production will be aired on ARY Digital and is directed by Ali Masood. As a project that holds promise towards showing a woman’s journey in holding her own when it comes to her career, fans are already eagerly anticipating its release.

The plot revolves around a strong-willed and progressive girl named Noor ul Ain, who works hard and takes pride in supporting her family.

She faces challenges when she decides to explore and expand her career instead of getting married immediately after her education. Considering that this is a reality for many women in Pakistan, Sonya Hussyn took on this character to raise awareness on the matter at hand, posing the question of why women can’t set their own priorities without undue scrutiny and restrictions.

“The story is about a woman’s success and ambition still not taken in good stride within our society. It will make you think. Why is a woman exploring her potential in her professional life looked down upon? Why is a working woman the one rejected when considered for marriage? How long should young girls limit their true professional potential just to be accepted in marriage? This story will make you feel the heartbreak and pain that Noor will face, but still, she uses that to her advantage and becomes stronger,” stated the celebrated actress in a recent interview

As someone with a platform and strong following, Sonya Hussyn has always raised the bar when it comes to taking on important roles for women as she continues to put the spotlight on female empowerment, gender roles, and how society still holds a negative view of women pursuing their careers.

She raises awareness and starts a conversation about women who are not seen in the right light because they’re focused on growing internally and with their career.

Sonya Hussyn has previously been commended for her strong characters in drama serials such as ‘Nazo’, ‘Aesi Tanhai’, ‘Ishq Zahe Naseeb’ and ‘Saraab’.

The talented actress has several other projects in the pipeline. More on that will be disclosed at a later date.

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