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SnackVideo is committed to creating a safe Digital Pakistan through collaborations with all stakeholders

Pakistan’s premier short form video platform, SnackVideo, has taken a multi-pronged approach to create a safe environment for its users.

Its goal is to progress the position that is held pertaining to the paradigm of online safety in the country, through collaboration with different stakeholders to work towards a singular focus – creating a safe digital space for all users in Pakistan.

User safety is a primary concern for SnackVideo. “A safe and supportive community is key for
users to express themselves in a way they feel comfortable to. Our trust and safety teams work
round the clock to provide that environment for our community.” said Syed Naeemuddin,
Country Manager of Pakistan, SnackVideo.

Keeping users safe is a complex and evolving task. SnackVideo aims to stay abreast of what users need and want, in line with local norms and culture.

The approach involves several elements; community guidelines and moderation policies, a mix of people and software to moderate content, setting up processes to handle escalations and emergency situations, providing features in-app to allow users to keep safe and partnering with local NGOs, governments and other stakeholders to ensure the safety of everyone.

Most recently, to demonstrate its commitment to ensure a safe and productive space for Pakistan
users, SnackVideo has set up a dedicated portal, first of its kind for the brand globally, which serves as a direct channel for the government and law enforcement agencies to reach out and collaborate on crime and safety related issues.

SnackVideo is working to progress its vision of inculcating a deep-rooted sense of security for
the digital space as a whole.

It believes that a collective cohesion of different stakeholders can effectively counteract, and provide a viable solution for improving safety and security which could otherwise impede the progress of digitalization in Pakistan.

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