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Skincare tips we got from Ramsha Khan’s Instagram live

Have you been bored out of your mind while sitting at home in this national lockdown? We know we have been for sure. The only escape that we manage to get these days is in the form of dramas, or celebrities who are up to some exciting things on their social media accounts as they quarantine as well.

So, someone who we saw go live on Instagram this week was the cutest leading lady of Ishqiya (our favorite drama these days (surprise, surprise). Ramsha Khan is one of the most renowned actresses of the industry, who has been impressive not only on-screens but also off-screens. With her live sessions on her Instagram, we are getting to see a completely candid Ramsha Khan, and we have been loving it!

She went live to answer everyone’s questions about skincare and makeup with her friend Kyra Chaudhry, and we sure learned a lot of tips and tricks from the actress! Here are all the skincare tips we got from Ramsha Khan.

  1. Make sure to take your multivitamins

The star talked about her morning skincare routine; she emphasized the importance of multivitamins. She takes her multivitamins after her breakfast every single day, and has kind of convinced us to do the same! It is time to include multivitamins in our skincare routine.

  • A good skincare routine goes a long way

The actress also emphasized the importance of having a simple but consistent skincare routine. That is Ramsha Khan’s secret to healthy, glowing skin. (That we see she has, so we would definitely be taking her advice.)

  • Put your face in ice water first thing in the morning for flawless looking skin

This was the biggest secret that Ramsha Khan dished out for us in the live session, and we couldn’t be more glad. As she was answering a question about how to minimize the appearance of your pores, she told us that the first thing she does before going for a shoot is to put her face in ice-cold water for healthier looking and glowing skin!

  • Invest in a good sunscreen      

One of the most repeated things that we hear is to put sunscreen on your face. So, it was no surprise to hear it from Ramsha Khan. As she discussed the importance of sunscreen with her friend on the live, it was a message for everyone to do so too!

  • Maximum water intake for all kinds of skin issues

Another thing that Ramsha Khan emphasized was to take your water intake to maximum, as it helps out in flushing all the toxins from your body. So, it is time to double your water intake guys, because Ramsha Khan said so!

Ramsha Khan plans to continue these live sessions on her Instagram, so if you didn’t catch her this time, follow her on Instagram to watch the star interact with her fans and let us in on her life and more!https://www.instagram.com/ramshakhanofficial/?hl=en

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