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Male Actors are restricted to stereotypical roles on TV: Junaid Khan

Junaid Khan’s stock as an actor has perhaps never been higher. He has been seriously impressive with his choices of roles on television, despite the limited nature of men’s roles on the small screen, as the actor commented himself in a recent interview.

In the interview with BBC Urdu, the Jilawatan singer opened up about the scope of performances for male actors in TV and film.

 “Typically, for TV, the scope of the story is limited and targeted towards housewives by in large. The protagonist is generally female. Hence, roles for male actors are limited to being husband, father, brother or cousin,” said the Kashf actor.

“This is a business, after all,” he remarked. “So even the makers can’t extend their narratives in our favor. They have to work within those boundaries,” he shared.

“With a film, the focus shift towards the male actor. The audience of film is different. When a project is for the big screen, your entire body language changes, and there is a higher working margin.” he said when asked about the difference in characters he plays for a film and TV.

Talking specifically about his upcoming film, the Mohabbat Na Kariyo actor shared his satisfaction with participating in the project.

“The film has two storylines; one where there is a period of college life and the second part when they move towards their professional life. The story revolves around the social issue of drugs. The director is Jalal Rumi. While the writer is Kamran Bari, he is someone I knew from before. I have also worked with Mansha Pasha before as well, so it is an ideal team,” added Junaid.

The coronavirus pandemic has delayed the release of the film. As things stand, it will perhaps be a while before people would be allowed back in cinemas. However, given how confident and delighted Junaid Khan is about the film, it would definitely be one to watch out for.  

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