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Komal Rizvi release new single ‘Chalo Chalain Kaheen’

Komal Rizvi is thrilled to announce the release of her latest single ‘Chalo Chalain
Kaheen’. The song, Chalo Chalain Kaheen, is very close to Komal’s heart as it embodies
her love and passion of following one’s own dreams.

Since her childhood she has been really motivated and compassionate about reaching to the stars. The song also speaks about the idea of Women Empowerment and how every
girl has the right to set her goals in her life and the freedom to follow them.

Specially in turbulent times like we live in, it’s an ode to the empowered and
motivated women who have managed to change their lives with sheer
determination and courage of their conviction which has resulted in benefiting
their whole surroundings-Such women are the catalyst of change.

Komal and her entire team have poured their heart out in bringing this track to
life and they hope that it will resonate with all the aspiring people especially the
young girls to continue to strive to turn their dreams into reality.

The song has been composed and produced by Hassan Badshah and the video
has been directed by the uber talented, Zain Irfan.

This launch will be during Komal Rizvi’s Mens Skincare range launch with
Shoaib Malik on a very high level platform with the presence of almost All the
news channels, entertainment channels, top newspapers, Online publications
and top celebs and Influencers.

For watching the video and streaming the song on your favorite service please
follow the link below.


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