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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Cadbury honors every teacher with its new sweet TVC

It’s overwhelming to see life slowly returning to normalcy. However, the journey has not been easy for anyone anywhere in the world. The pandemic brought with it one of the greatest social, psychological, and economic challenges of all time.

Never before in history has life been so uncertain in every part of the globe. Along with health care providers, it’s our teachers who have proven to be the true beacons of hope.

Particularly School teachers have emerged as true superheroes as it’s only due to them, children all over the world didn’t lose a year of learning. Child Education is a very complex system; it requires time, dedication, consistency, and a lot of hard work. The pandemic made these things even more difficult.

Our school teachers have been navigating uncertainty since February last year. Schools were the first to be closed and teachers were the first to lose jobs or face salary cuts.

For essential workers like teachers, the unpredictable nature of the pandemic took a mental toll and turned out to be a source of constant fatigue.
Problems, such as internet accessibility and load shedding made conducting an online session even more challenging. Moreover, managing a bunch of seven-year-olds through the screen is a Himalayan challenge on its own.

It’s very thoughtful of Cadbury Pakistan to acknowledge the contributions of every teacher that helped keep hope alive during such dark times. By paying them a sweet tribute under its #TeachersKoSalam, kuch acha hojaye slogan they are encouraging every student in particular and all of us, in general, to come forward and say thank you to the teachers.

Almost for the whole year now, our super teachers have been valiantly struggling to ensure that their students are getting the best education possible given the current challenges. Like others, teachers have been fearful, anxious, stressed, and exhausted by the pandemic. With the return to school, teachers are now on the frontline.

And it’s encouraging to see that they will be receiving the vaccines on priority.
On a positive note, a great thing that came out of the pandemic is pupils witnessing the values of determination, conviction, and perseverance through their teachers.

Every student saw that nothing could deter their teacher’s commitment towards their duty and this is something that will eventually seep its way in our future generations too.

Therefore, our teachers have earned every bit of admiration they are being showered through this thought-provoking movement. Let’s take this opportunity to thank our teacher you can find some amazing ideas at generosity www.cadburygenerosity.com. Remember, life would be class-less without teachers.l

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