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Zeenat iqbal

I, Zeenat Iqbal Hussain am an educated mother and grandmother and feel happy if I achieve on my educational front which in turn motivates me to do better with my housework. I used to write for Dawn and The News and my late father Ahmed Jivanjee was a famous journalist of Karachi. I strive to go unsung one day and offer gratitude to Allah SWT for his blessings.

The Hidden Favour | Short Story

Khatija was a robust, healthy, 19 year old girl. She had just finished her studies and had found a good job. Because of her...

The Hands Deserve The Books | Short Story

Child Labour is a crime against humanity. At this juncture I am reminded of a very moving story about one of the world’s greatest...

Why Should I Be Hungry | Short Story

Salman come and have your lunch” shouted his mom from the door of their hut in the Katchi abadi. He was playing marbles with...

The Honest Taxi Driver | Short Story

What all is involved in a taxi drivers life; physical labour and not much exercise for the grey matter. One such driver was Anwar....

Rescue on The Sea | Short Story

Very little has been written about the ancient coastal people of Lyari – the irrepressible Makranis – who take their name from the Makran...

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