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Friday, May 24, 2024

Amar Khan thanks fans for loving the ‘Alpha Hero’ she has penned in her serial “Heer Da Hero”

Actress and writer Amar Khan’s latest drama ‘Heer Da Hero’ has become a Ramadan favorite serial among viewers for its unique approach to storytelling.

The drama offers a mix of humor and societal issues, highlighting the need for change in today’s world.

In an Instagram post, Khan stated that when penning down hero “Butt” his archetype had to have a savior’s instincts and actions, which is not confined to maar dhaar and jisamat, but his beliefs and principles.
The drama touches upon crucial societal issues such as toxic behavior, double standards, and abuse against women. Khan’s aim is to create an entertaining platform for audiences to reflect on these issues and spark a conversation about change.

Khan stated, “There had to be a huge Red Button pressed in a dramatic way, that too in a Comedy drama,” referring to the drama’s bold approach in tackling social issues. The actor emphasized that his aim is not to create a regular comedy drama but to offer something that addresses crucial issues in an entertaining manner.


Heer Da Hero’ is currently on air and has gained positive feedback from audiences. Viewers are praising Khan’s approach to addressing societal issues while keeping the drama lighthearted and engaging.

Khan’s unique take on storytelling and her dedication to creating something she believes in has earned her recognition and appreciation from fans. Stay tuned for the rest of the drama, as it promises to be a thought-provoking and entertaining watch.

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