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Friday, May 24, 2024

A Wave Of Kindness Takes Over The World Of SnackVideo

Karachi: With more than One Billion views and counting, the #ActOfKindness trend becomes one of the most engaging trends on Pakistan’s favorite short video platform, SnackVideo.

Several videos delivering the message of kindness have been viewed over a million times with the top video grossing 5 Million views These videos are refreshing, heartwarming and oozing with the true essence of humanity, in other words it’s a true representation of the Pakistani people.

The campaign is empowering snackers to express their interpretation of kindness and generosity. People of Pakistan are making the most out of this opportunity as content creators from all across the country are posting uplifting videos in their unique styles. Some are focusing on being empathic while some are interpreting the teaching of religion.

The trend is completely aligned with the spirit of the holy month of Rabi Al Awwal as the content celebrates the essence of being human.

Treating animals with kindness, being thoughtful about less privileged people and care for everyone remain the most loved ideas in these videos.

The videos where the younger generation is seen guiding the elder ones are trending nonstop.

ActOfKindness is continuously inspiring millions of snackers to join the movement and to show the world that Pakistan is a nation of positive people with kind hearts.

And finally, here are the top most viewed videos from #ActOfKindness on SnackVideo.











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