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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Waqar Ali emphasizes importance of emotional well being in the development of strong leadership

As the 19th Young Leaders Conference’s fifth day commenced- under the observation of strict COVID-19 precautionary measures- the talented and skillful, Waqar Ali, lead the day as the champ, to raise the spirits of the young leaders.

The day began with strict observation of COVID-19 rules and regulations, with strict SOPs in place. The fifth day was all about focusing on Emotional Well-Being and Developmental Leadership.

The foundation of any story of successful leadership in any aspect of life is a healthy mindset.

Hence, the day’s theme ‘Baat Cheet’ was all about focusing on a healthy state of mind, and how it is vital in life, to not only prioritize physical health but emotional well-being as well. There were some great speakers on day 5 included Muhammad Asif, Taha Sabri,Waqar Ali, Sharmeen Khan, Dr. Fauzia, and Tahera Kauser.

Great consideration was also given to the effects of Climate Change, the benefits of living in a sustainable community, and scarcity of water, and how a healthy development of Leadership skills can help solve many issues around the world, and not only in Pakistan. The day ended with a melodious Qawwali by HATA Qawwal and a bonfire.

Throughout the day, strict SOP’s were kept under observation and all mandatory precautions were being taken thoroughly. The event is being carefully monitored by the organizing committee keeping in mind the safety and well-being of all participants and volunteers.

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