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Uzair Jaswal’s ‘Mere Dil Ne’ looks right out of a Broadway Musical

Renowned Pakistani singer/ songwriter Uzair Jaswal’s latest track ‘Mere Dil Ne’ gauged over 2 million views in just 2 days. The song is a romantic duet featuring the lovely Sara Haider and was an instant hit.

To make the lyrics come alive, the pair enacted an entire scenario, creating a visual representation of the track. Written by Uzair himself, the song is presented as modern-day pop but has elements of old school jazz.

We’re getting major Broadway feels from the track and love the retro vibe of its depiction. As if old Hollywood glam returned to our screens in a picturesque show!

As the music video progresses, we can see Sara Haider playing the piano in a gown and Uzair Jaswal in a classy velvet tux approaching her with great delight while singing along. Keeping in tune with the sound, their outfits add that extra oomph to the whole outlook of the performance.

The song is about giving past romance a second chance and the stars have represented it beautifully. Uzair’s vocals on the track are pitch perfect and match the melody flawlessly.

The duo’s onscreen chemistry is undeniable as it completely fulfills our broadway dreams. Creating a magical visual for viewers to enjoy, Uzair’s song won hearts immediately after its release.

Uzair Jaswal has always been one of our favourite performers, coming up with heartwarming tracks, one after the other. The musician is said to release several tracks in 2021 and we can’t wait hear his amazing voice again!

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