An extraordinary way to afford a year of travel!

If you ever wondered how to #GetPaidToTravel, read on.

Is it just us, or does everyone have a little money box in a corner of our closets, labelled ‘travel fund’?

Glad we aren’t the only ones.
Saving up enough to be able to finally reach your dream destinations and explore them to your heart’s content isn’t always as simple as many travelers portray it to be. Especially, when you live in a fast-paced world with a dwindling economy and exceptional inflation levels.

But your travel plans don’t need to be buried away just yet. Let’s explore what options we can dig up to travel for cheap, or better yet, to make money while travelling. A win-win!
Travel for Cheap – Budget Hotels can be your answer

While many of us visualize luxuries and bathtubs and a room on the 23rd floor when we think of our dream vacation – the reality is, that there are affordable, much more reliable, and accessible accommodation options in the form of budget hotels available all over the country that can be availed at the click of a button on online hotel booking websites like

Come to think of it: While you’re on vacation, you spend most of your day outside the hotel. We all want to make the most of our limited travel time and plan out extensive itineraries, which don’t include a lot of time spent sleeping in hotels. For this purpose, budget hotels are not only the wisest option, they’re also hands-down the top game changer if you’re on a tight budget.

• #GetPaidtoTravelRoomph! has got your back
This one is every traveler’s ultimate dream – to make money, while travelling across our beautiful country. There are plenty of ways a person can earn a living and still be on the road; the topmost is to become a digital nomad.

Get a job that lets you work remotely, or requires you to move about.

With the country emerging from lockdown and with many international destinations still off-limits, Roomph! is offering an unbelievable contest with three winners given a chance to travel for free for the next year.

Roomph is an online booking platform for affordable accommodation that deals with convenient, reliable, and widely available accommodation options across the country.

The organization is currently hosting a virtual competition for travel enthusiasts, where 3 lucky winners will get a chance to stay in hotels for free, a monthly stipend of Rs. 70,000, unlimited bus and train, and air tickets. All for a year.
Sounds incredible, right?

All you need to do is post on your respective profile an anecdote from a previous travel adventure, or your thoughts related to a dream destination you can’t wait to reach to.

All entrees with the tags #GetPaidToTravel and will be shortlisted and 3 lucky winners will be announced on August 14th, 2021. Shortlisted entries will be updated on Roomph’s social platforms and websites.

In spirit of the country’s beauty and its flourishing tourist industry, this Independence Day seems to already be bringing fabulous surprises for us. So, if you have summer travel plans that have been on hold for the longest time, now is the time to enter this competition and try your luck!

Log on to for further details. Bon voyage!

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