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This Ramadan, help the Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF) in its relentless pursuit of saving lives of needy patients

Being a developing country, it is evident that the healthcare system in Pakistan does not offer ideal healthcare solutions to its citizens, especially the vulnerable section of the society. The healthcare system in Pakistan is in quite the difficult phase despite many efforts as a considerable percentage of the population belong to lower income groups. The affluent groups do not face much hindrances as quality healthcare is readily available for them via private health institutes.

However, the less privileged citizens of Pakistan are very much at a disadvantage as they are unable to receive standard quality healthcare which they so rightfully deserve.

One of the major barriers to access good quality healthcare is poverty. The relationship between poverty and access to quality healthcare is direct; due to financial instability. Lower income groups are unable to get quality healthcare services as the public sector is struggling against its limited financial budget.

Availing quality healthcare services puts a great financial stress on the needy patients, many of the affected patients are not able to get the timely treatment or have to leave their treatment in between due to monetary shortcomings.

However, not all hope is lost. As a nation, there are many steps which we can take in order to help our government restructure the country’s healthcare system and policies.

If you are privileged enough, then you are capable of becoming a part of this process to make quality healthcare accessible to all. With the help of your contribution via Zakat or donation, there is a lot of positive changes that can be brought to the healthcare system of Pakistan.

Being the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, we are also blessed to witness the Holy month of Ramadan which gives a beautiful option of Zakat to help relief the pain and suffering of less privileged patients.

Through Zakat and other donations, the healthcare system can be improved in no time, making good quality healthcare services available to the less privileged citizens of our country.

The Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF) is a non-profit organization formed in the year 1990 by a group of philanthropists who were majorly concerned about the healthcare system of our country. Through a public-private partnership with the Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC) and the Government of Sindh, PAF has helped revolutionise the healthcare landscape at JPMC.

PAF is registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 and with the Ministry of Finance and Taxation as a non-profit organization.

The Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF) provides free quality healthcare services, to all those citizens who walk through the gate of JPMC in hopes of seeking treatment but cannot afford it. PAF has certainly made a lot of progress since its inception to transform public healthcare available for all at JPMC.

PAF has helped inaugurate some of the latest, state of the art, modern medical equipment at JPMC which has helped treat life threatening diseases, completely free of cost.

For instance, PAF is the only organization in all of Pakistan to introduce 2 CyberKnife units, PET-CT facility and Tomotherapy machine which treat less privileged cancer patients for free. PAF has helped treat millions of deserving patients at JPMC who were on the verge of losing hope and quite possibly their life.

During this Holy month of Ramadan, contribute towards the mission of the Patients’ Aid Foundation (PAF) to help in its relentless pursuit of ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible to the less privileged patients.

You can contribute through various methods such as call to collect, bank transfers, online payments, or foreign remittances, all of which are mentioned on its website.

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