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Friday, May 24, 2024

The 19th YLC Kicks Off with the theme of Personal Development

The 19th Youth Leaders Conference to empower and train the youth, under the theme of ‘Breakthrough’, started on Saturday with great enthusiasm and zeal in Karachi. The event commenced with social distancing and all SOPs were strictly observed, as 200 students from around the country began the six-day journey of discovery.

The first day was kicked off by the School of Leadership and YLC founding member Kamran Rizvi, with the theme “Personal Development” (Asrar-e-Khudi). The mentoring sessions, team building activities, and lectures were arranged to help participants in attaining self-belief, to find their genius, and elevate their impact on the world. Kamran Rizvi welcomed the partners and participants to the event and maintained great energy throughout the day!

Speaking at the inauguration of the event, Aaminah Saeed – GM Marketing at EBM talked about the Beautiful and Strong relationship between the two Organizations; EBM & SoL. She also engaged the Participants in a very Motivational Leadership talk where she encouraged the participants to achieve their goals and how they can become a better version of themselves. She also shared some great stories about EBM and how it has become a Leader for many today!

The first day followed certain innovative activities and sessions including a talk on Asrar-e-Khudi by Walid Iqbal and was also followed by a ‘BREAKTHROUGH’ story by Samina Baig that marks change and transformation, a story that was aligned with YLC’s vision this year, then there was a Capacity Building by the SoL Founder, Shireen Naqvi, and there was a very exciting scavenger hunt activity moderated by Waqar Ali, where he made the participants realized how we all should always work on your actions and how we should be the best version of ourselves.

This year’s conference is being held under strict conditions – with careful observations of the venue, participants, as well as the SOPs. The event has been organized with thorough preparations on the part of the organizing committee, in light of the safety and health concerns of all present.

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