Shakeel Ahmad Meer: a Multibillionaire British Pakistani with the Key to Ten Million Jobs

Shakeel Ahmad Meer is the Chairman and Founder of Mega Success Pakistan, as well as a number of other national and international companies. Meer’s portfolio includes companies in a variety of areas, including Electric Vehicles, Renewables, Information Technology, and Ecommerce, among others. He is a forward-thinking, passionate business counsellor, serial entrepreneur and, digital marketing specialist who works diligently to achieve company goals via sustained effort, perseverance, and a stable mindset. He is also an inspirational speaker and a wealth coach who assists Pakistani youth in accomplishing their dreams. His frequent effort towards motivating them symbolizes his desire to see Pakistan progress.

 A British Pakistani millionaire from Mirpur Azad Kashmir who now lives in the UK, is a leading icon of the time. Meer, who holds degrees from prestigious universities such as Strathclyde University, Glasgow Caledonian University, and the University of Technology, is passionate about enabling IT Services with a forward plan since he feels that this will change the business landscape in Pakistan.

Meer is the Founder and CEO of PZ International Projects LLC, as well as the Founder/MD of SPOTLIGHT MARKETING LTD, a marketing and business growth firm that works with online stores and ambitious firms. He also worked as an operational manager at the Stillwater Group, the Managing Director of SKS Home Investments Ltd, the Executive Director of Inspired Business Transformation, and the Operations Manager at Architectural Glazing Systems, where he professionally managed daily companywide operations in order to meet sales and growth targets. He is the Chairman and Founder of Mega Success Pakistan and a business empire with over 100 companies, as well as an international presenter, financial analyst, and a partner of UK SMN, IBD, and MSI, as well as the founder of several successful multinationals. This new strategy is intended to launch huge economic expansion activities in Pakistan by 2025, resulting in the establishment of over 10,000 businesses and ten million job opportunities. JOLTA ELECTRIC, Pakistan’s first battery-powered motorcycle, has Meer on its board of directors. Due to his talent, steadiness, persuasive abilities, steadfast resolve, and unflinching dedication to Pakistan’s economy, he is one of the most effective Business Analysts in the world.

Talking about his influence, Meer is on the verge of achieving a million Facebook followers, and his videos on Mega Success Pakistan’s YouTube channel have tens of thousands of views. His videos detail his experience, offer advice on how to establish new enterprises, and offer suggestions for how to expand.

Shakeel Ahmad Meer is engaging international investors to bring more creative businesses to Pakistan, which will aid the country’s development into a safe and prosperous country. Pak Zone, the future Amazon of Pakistan, is an example of such a concept; it succinctly summarises everything Pak Zone brings to the Pakistani market., like Amazon, plans to launch a swarm of private label specialist businesses all over the world. It will offer private brands as well as particular categories for the domestic market, similar to By 2023, Ecommerce will account for more than $6.5 trillion in global retail sales, accounting for 22% of total global retail sales, according to Pak Zone. Meer argues that after completing the essential intellectual work, which requires absolute constancy, one should have faith in one’s ability. He has aided huge firms in exceeding their standards by managing and shaping the scope of corporate activities, based on this idea. Strategic planning, financial assistance, budgetary control, goal setting, project planning, and assessment, team building, development, and training, and developing company standards for future economic improvement were all used to accomplish this.

Shakeel Ahmad Meer is a shining proof of how determination and planning can lead to success. His talent is also paving the way for millions more Pakistanis, as well as encouraging businesses that require little or no capital.

 “Stop pretending to be small and Start what you were born to do, Play Big…”

(Shakeel Ahmad Meer)

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