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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Taha G releases new song ‘Mann Mein Tu’

With the release of 4 albums and 40 singles including the most heard songs ‘You’ and ‘Aise kaise’, Pakistan’s new pop icon of the Pakistani music industry; sensational musician and artist Taha – G releases ’Mann Mein Tu’.

An amazing mix of R&B and Pop, which not only has left us and listeners mesmerized, the Song ‘Mann Mein Tu’ was written, sung and composed by Taha – G where the artist expresses about how a guy falls in love at first sight and his journey of love.

On the occasion of his new release Taha has said, “As every other musician’s story, life experience of a few heart breaks and adapting to the ever-changing world, I needed an outlet to express my journey. Today, here I am producing music, working on my singing and trying to better my art every day to battle through what life throws at us and express my thoughts with my work”.

A Karachi born, self-taught musician, who started off his career in his early 20s by covering different songs, alongside learning how to produce and compose music all through online tutorials, Taha – G is a rising star. He started writing and composing 4 years back, when he decided to pursue his career as a musician.

You can listen to ‘Mann Mein Tu’ on all leading radio stations and on Taha – G’s official portals

Full song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4I7VDyF44k

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