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‘Strings’ tug at our heartstrings at Soul Fest

Karachi: Strings recently took the stage at Soul Fest in Karachi in front of the eager crowd. The musicians also called two of their little fans on stage to perform with them, and it was truly a heartfelt moment.

The famous band has recently released the last single from their 30-year anniversary album marking as another milestone in their iconic musical careers. As they took on the stage to perform for their excited fans, two little fans caught their eye and were called up on stage to sing along with the musicians.

The 11-year-old and 5-year-old were enthusiastically singing along to classic hits like Duur, Sir Kiye Ye Pahar, Najane Kyun, Anjaane, and recent hits like Raat Shabnami, and Sajni. When the five-year-old sang along to “Sajni”, the crowd was ecstatic listening in on this stirring moment.

The internationally acclaimed pop-rock band Strings has existed in the Pakistani musical scene for the past 30 years and their relevance has not yet halted as theirs still remain one of the greatest musical stories in Pakistan.

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