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Samrah Enterprises latest brand Dandy launches in Pakistan

Samrah Enterprises commemorates the launch of Dandy in an exclusive event held at Naheed Supermarket on the 22nd of May.

The announcement was made at the event, by His Excellency Mishal Mohammed A. A. Al –Ansari, Consul General of the State of Qatar who graced the occasion as Chief Guest and inaugurated the launch of Dandy. The event was attended by top management officials from all the key partners along with other dignitaries and eminent businessmen.

Dandy is one of Qatar’s number one selling ice cream brands.

The event highlighted how Dandy offers a wide range of ice cream flavors with a unique twist. They offer cube-shaped ice cream pieces which is a completely different take on the product.

At the occasion, Munsub Abrar, Director of Naheed Supermarket, said, “The event was a huge success. It’s an honor to host it as it is a step to further strengthen bilateral relations between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and The State of Qatar.”

Samrah Munsub, Director Samrah Enterprises, also added, “We’re extremely humbled and proud of not only hosting this great event but also of the fact that the Consul General, Mishal Mohammed A. A. Al –Ansari, was able to join us and help us commemorate the launch of our latest brand. We believe that this is a great move ahead to strengthen ties between the two states.”

Sheikh Mansour Bin Mohammad Bin Jabor Al-Thani, Chairman of Dandy Company Ltd said, “It gives us great pleasure to launch the ice cream range of Dandy in Pakistan. From using the choicest ingredients to getting the perfect flavor combinations, we promise our consumers a delectable ice cream experience.”

Syed Muhammad Salman, VP Marketing, Samrah Enterprises, added, “After a lot of market research and trying out different products, we have now introduced an exclusive product and added it to our vast portfolio. We are committed to bringing new and unique products for our customers to entice their taste buds. This is such a perfect model of partnership between the Qatar and Pakistani market.”

His Excellency Mishal Mohammed A. A. Al –Ansari, Consul General of the State of Qatar, further added, “This is not only a proud moment for Dandy as a brand, but a matter of immense pleasure for the State of Qatar. Dandy is considered to be our number one selling ice cream brand and the fact that it is now being introduced in Pakistan is very exciting for Pakistani consumers as well. We hope this collaboration will help strengthen the friendship between our two states.”

The event was a collaboration between Samrah Enterprises and Naheed Supermarket. A

ll the flavors offered by Dandy BON BON and Premium range will be available for purchase at Naheed Supermarket in store and online.

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