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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Samrah Enterprises introduces Hunter Food’s Safari Potato Grills to Pakistan

After successfully launching several international brands across the country, Samrah Enterprises, a distinguished distribution company, has launched Hunter Food’s Safari Potato Grills in Pakistan.

This product originates from the UAE and is available in the flavor ‘Emirati Chilli’, which is an aromatic blend of spices from the Middle East and Asia.

The potato snacks are vegetarian and contain no added preservatives hence catering to the needs of different consumers. Honoring the Emirati culinary tradition, the packaging is dressed with the UAE national colors.

“We always aim to bring unique and innovative brands to Pakistan for our consumers,” said Syed Muhammad Salman, VP, Samrah Enterprises. “The Safari Potato Grills are an extremely popular snack in the UAE which is why after an in depth market analysis, we decided to bring it to Pakistan.”

“The newly rebranded Safari chips have been a part of growing up since the 80s in Dubai. They’re also the go-to snack for children and even most adults,” said Samrah Munsub, Director, Samrah Enterprises.

“At Samrah Enterprises our mission is to bring the most innovative brands to Pakistan, giving our consumers more options.”

The Safari Potato Grills are available to purchase at all the leading stores in Pakistan.

They are also available online at naheed.pk, samrahenterprises.com and daraz.pk.

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