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Robbers on Eidi-spree

Robbers went on a rampage ahead of Eid, exposing foolproof security claims made by authorities, Local Media channel reported on Friday.

The Lahore police failed to curb crime on the eve of the biggest festival.

A total of 430 crimes has been reported in 24 hours, according to the police record.

These crimes include motorcycle and car thefts, purse snatching, and house and shop robberies.

Dacoits robbed a man Mahmood Ahman of Rs2.3 million, a 30-bore pistol in Civil Line limits.

Thieves broke into a house in Stokatla and took gold and other valuables worth Rs2.6 million 

In Iqbal Town, the thief took away gold ornaments worth Rs1.89 million from Shazia Sajjad’s house Similar incidents were also reported in Manawan, Mangamandi, Sabzahzar, Raiwand, Sundar, and Islampura. Mustafa Town, Shahdara, Misri Shah, Baghbanpora, Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate, Chohang.

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