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Monday, June 17, 2024

Reckitt Under Hoga Saaf Pakistan Pledges for Children’s Day to Rebuild 15 Flood Affected TCF Schools

This Children’s Day, Reckitt announces under Hoga Saaf Pakistan, a flagship purpose program of Dettol, a donation of PKR 22.4 million to The Citizens Foundation (TCF) for the rehabilitation of 15 schools damaged by the recent floods.

This news was announced at the official Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing held at Deena Minoo Mistri Campus Primary Morning School in Korangi, Karachi. 

As Pakistan continues to experience an education crisis. Statistics indicate that about 44% (22.6 million) of children ages 5 to 16 are not in school. Recent flooding has only resulted in an increase in this number.

Dettol through the Hoga Saaf Pakistan program aims to create a clean and healthy Pakistan, where children fall ill less often, and school absenteeism is not a threat.

With this purpose, this contribution will ensure the continuous provision of education to children from vulnerable families.

Numerous schools were devastated by the recent floods and require reconstruction. With the supplied fund to TCF, Dettol intends to commence the reconstruction of 15 such schools so that children from flood-affected families can continue their education.

 “Through our efforts in education, healthcare, community development, and disaster relief, Reckitt has been actively and generously promoting sustainable social and economic growth. Dettol is committed to rebuild the communities that have been affected by the floods.

Through our partnership with TCF, we hope to enable thousands of students to get back to school,” said Kashan Hasan, CEO of Reckitt Pakistan.In attendance from TCF were Mr Ateed Riaz and Mr. Mushtaq Chhapra, Co-Founders and Directors along with their team. Mr Chhapra started with a few words, “We are incredibly thankful to Reckitt for this kind donation, which will assist many underprivileged children in the communities where these 15 schools are located.

More than 3,500 children will be able to continue their education thanks to this donation of Rs. 22.4 million. This will also help, in the long run, in uplifting the livelihood of the communities and their future generations to come.”

Reckitt has worked with TCF on numerous occasions and recently on Global Handwashing Day in October visited one school in Mirpur Khas, where they conducted a handwashing activity to demonstrate to children the importance of maintaining good hand hygiene.

Now with this signing, they not only provide a donation, but such events help bring notice to the need of the hour, the losses from the floods. 

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