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Monday, June 17, 2024

Protests Over Power Bill Increases Spread in Pakistan 

With no immediate relief in sight, people continue to protest against inflated electricity bills across the country, reported TV channels.

Traders go on strike in Nawabshah

In Nawabshah, shopkeepers shut down their businesses and came out on streets to register their protest against inflation in general, and electricity bills in particular.

All large shopping centers of the city such as Masjid Road, Sakrand Road, Liaquat Market, Mobile Market, and Kaprra Market remained closed.

Protestors block road, torch bills in Swabi

In Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) too, people took to streets to vent their anger against the government over hike in the power tariff.

They blocked Swabi to Jahangira road and torched bills to register their protest.

The speakers, on the occasion, said that they had to even pay millions of rupees in their bills, which was gross injustice with them.

Telling the government that their patience was running thin, they asked it not to put them to any further test.

They demanded the government to reduce the electricity rates so that they could heave a sigh of relief.

People torch bills, block roads at Shakargarh village

Residents of Peela Gojran in Shakargarh, a village close to Indian border, torched their bills and blocked roads by setting tyres on fire.

They shouted slogans against the government.

Lawyers, who too joined in, said they would never pay their electricity bills and would not even feel shy from launching ‘civil disobedience’ movement against the lavish lifestyle of politicians, bureaucrats and others belonging to the country’s elite.

They vowed to take on WAPDA on every front.

Similar protests were also reported from other cities and towns of the country.

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