India Will Defeat Corona

By : Ved Pratap Vaidik

A proper battle against Corona Virus has now been initiated in India. Keeping all individual political
interests aside, both the central and estate governments have started preparing themselves to fight the deadly virus.

Apart from these governments, many from amongst the common public have lent their helping hands with utmost sincerity. While there are some who are providing oxygen cylinders for free, there also exist such people who are taking care to provide free food to the afflicted ones.

Some have taken over the responsibility to gather plasma donors in case of emergencies and some
are trying hard to get the patients admitted in hospitals for proper treatment.

We do keep cursing our industrialists but Tata, Naveen Jindal, Adani and a lot of other industrialists have taken it upon
themselves to shut down their factories and provide oxygen where needed.

Moreover, it is without any pressure from the government that they are doing it; out of their own will.

Under the supervision of the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, oxygen trains have started operating and are transferring thousands of tons of oxygen to hospitals.

The railway minister Piyush Goyal has also taken care to refute all claims regarding the fraudulent provision of oxygen.

Our several doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are risking their lives for bringing Corona to an end.

Under PM relief fund, a plan to plant 551 oxygen plants is also under scrutiny. Multiple ministers including Rajhistan’s chief minister Ashok Gehlot and UP’s Yogi Adityanath have also announced free oxygen services.

Despite all of this, more than 350,000 patients have come forward as Covid positive and almost three
thousand deaths have left everyone extremely worried.

It is for this reason that the lockdown has
been extended for one more week in Delhi and efforts are being made for the buying and selling and easy transference of oxygen. Many countries are sending oxygen appliances and other medicines to India by air.

However, to the misfortune of India, a greedy class existsthat is looting the people money
in the name of medical treatment that involves oxygen, injections and miscellaneous medicines even during such hard times.

Although some of them have been arrested by the police, they have not been
ent to the gallows, something which they definitely deserve for their inhumane practices. It is incomprehensible why the government and judiciary do not take any step in this regard.

People are dying in the hospitals despite paying hefty amounts for their treatments, while their kith and kin are next to dead seeing themselves draining financially and witnessing their loved ones passing away despite all the efforts.

The tragic news being shown on media have also played a prior part in affecting people’s mental and physical health. It is strange how they are not promoting our cultural, organic medicines such as Karha, Giloy, Neem tree extracts and Banyan Tree Milk.

It is not fair to lose all these organic medicines no matter how many new or old, national or international strategies are required
to defeat Corona virus.

About Ved Pratap Vaidik

Dr. Vaidik is one of the senior most journalists of India. He has been the Editor of Nav Bharat Times and PTI-Bhasha, the largest circulated newspaper and news agency of India. 

He has been informal advisor to all the PM’s of India on foreign affairs.

He is one of the first Ph.D. from JNU on International affairs.

Most of the PM’s of South Asian countries have personal acquaintance with Dr. Vaidik. He is the Chairman, Council for Indian Foreign Policy.

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