Protest against animal cruelty held in Lahore

Animal Rights Activists & multiple organisations came together to help raise awareness regarding the brutal “Dog Culling of Stray Dogs” in Lahore.

The activist protested against the non stop poisoning and shooting of families and herds of street dogs because of the growing complaints of various housing societies residents.

Hence the municipal council carry out culling operations of street dogs despite a ban on dog culling by the government of Pakistan.

This is completely illegal and against the law yet these operations are not stopped by the societies disregarding certain laws.

Sarah Gandapur a renowned journalist and activist has always fought for animal rights. And appealed to the PM of Pakistan to take notice on this situation.

She further add, “An aggressive campaign should be started to spread awareness to the common man on the streets that dogs are not to be feared and with help of TNVR campaigns the street dogs will be secured to be left out on the streets.”

Tauqueer had taken the inniative to bring the Lahore activists together at the platform outside Lahore Press Club.

And the torch bearer activists such as Aiyza Nadeem, Arfa Khan, Aniza and Anisa, along with numerous activists were  campaigning together for this Nobel cause. 

Another Animal Rights Activist & vegan representative of Pakistan Aylia also joined in to support the cause in full force with hand made placards.

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