Makafaat on Ehsaas Ramzan brings us heart-warming stories


Geo Entertainment’s Ehsaas Ramzan transmission is, no doubt, one of the best transmissions this Ramzan with some amazing programs and segments that perfectly align with the true spirit of Ramzan and encourage the virtues of patience and sensitivity towards others.

‘Makafaat’ is one of the segments that are part of this special Ramzan transmission. Using narrative teleplays on the theme of ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’, the program airs during the live special transmission of Ehsaas Ramzan on Geo Entertainment and it is really worth watching and taking lessons from.

The stories are deep, profound and tear-jerking to the core and give important messages.

Aimed at highlighting the idea of what you get is a result of your own actions, the narratives that have been aired so far have convincingly conveyed the message.

The stories are really well-written with beautiful dialogues and brilliant direction, as well as acting.

With titles like ‘Dua’, ‘Khidmat’, and ‘Inaam’, the stories have depicted truly how ‘makafaat’ works in real.

There is a special message every time and you are sent into deep thoughts watching it. It clearly sends out the notion that whatever you do in life you will be rewarded or punished accordingly.

Though all of them have been truly heart-touching, the one that was the most impactful and left us teary eyed was ‘Khidmat’.

It was a story of two brothers who lived with their mother, with the younger one really caring and loving and the older brother, a selfish one.

The mother gives preference to the older one since he earns more but when she gets ill she realizes how much the younger son loves and values her.

He prefers to be with his mother in this ailing time, over a really good job opportunity and spends all the money and time he had on her.

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The scene in which she admits her mistake and prays for her son is truly heart-warming.

With a great OST, some amazing actors, message oriented stories, and top-notch direction, Makafaat is something to look forward to this Ramzan apart from other programs and segments from Ehsaas Ramzan’s transmission on Geo TV.

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