Junaid Khan ruling TV Screens with some dazzling performances


The stunning man with the most soul-jerking voice, Junaid Khan is among those musician-turned-actors who have proven that they are not just good singers, but are also versatile and talented actors.

Over the last few years, he has successfully gathered some good, core fan following.
Other than the fame he has achieved through his music in Call, Khan has also had a lot of hit dramas to his credit, which include Ishq Tamasha, Silsilay, Sun Yara, Khasara and Tumhari Mariam.

With each of his performances, he has left the audience in awe with his acting and expression.

He can be seen in three different dramas nowadays—Hania, Kamzarf, and more recently, Yaarian, and in each play he portrays a different avatar, yet he seems to be leaving mark with each of them.

In Hania, on ARY Digital, he plays the role of an abusive antagonist and has done a phenomenal job depicting the negativity of the character.

The role required Junaid to be abruptly rude, harsh, and very outspoken, while posing as an arrogant, rich, spoilt guy who forcefully gets married to Hania.

Junaid Khan, who has never done such a role before, performed this with perfection and complete effortlessness. His acting makes us want to watch more of the drama Hania , making us anticipate what else his character has in store for Hania.

In contrast to his negative role in Hania, in Geo Entertainment’s Kamzarf, Junaid Khan plays the character of a caring and an emotional guy who is married to the versatile Rabab Hashim, against his will but gets attracted to her later on.

He stands out as a romantic, conscientious and a family-oriented man.

It is definitely his kind of a role since he nails the sweetness of it all perfectly. In Kamzarf he has given his best shot to make it an appealing character and has received a lot of positive reviews for it.

Next, and more recently, he is seen playing a pivotal role in Yaarian, a serial that is one of the most anticipated dramas of this season from Geo Entertainment. Starring alongside Ayeza Khan, Momal Sheikh and Muneeb Butt, Junaid Khan made his presence felt, as the first episode went on air yesterday.

He depicts an emotional, yet sober character in Yaariyan, and the teasers show that he is all set to leave an indelible mark in this one too! His styling as well as acting is top-notch and he has peaked our interest just with those few seconds in the teasers.

Junaid Khan has undoubtedly proven that he is one of the most versatile actors of our industry.

His choice of dramas, as well as characters is really amazing and he knows how to impress the viewers with his performances, keeping them glued to their screens. With three dramas currently on air, he is, no doubt, ruling the TV screens these days!

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