Junaid Khan on the go with his Three hit dramas


Although Junaid Khan started his career as the lead singer of Call the band, he has since expanded his horizons and has moved on to acting as well.

His melodious voice gained him and his band immense popularity, in Pakistan and internationally. Recently, he collaborated with an Indian spunk band to create an anthem of unity called Talaash.

The purpose was to spread the message of peace and positivity among the people of the subcontinent.

Outside of the music industry, Junaid Khan has proven himself time and again in the acting department.

He started his acting career with the drama, Kabhi Na Kabhi, in 2011. After that, there was no stopping him.

He has been acting in dramas since then and has given one super-hit performance after another.

Recently, Junaid Khan has been ruling our TV screens with three new dramas playing simultaneously.

Two of his dramas are currently on air on GEO TV, while one is on ARY Digital.

The interesting thing about the characters he takes up, is diversity and Junaid’s ability to transform himself completely into each of them.

In Kamzarf, he plays the soft-hearted and peace-loving brother who tries to build and maintain harmony between his siblings. Junaid Khan brings out the sincerity his character feels for his siblings.

His dialogue delivery and expressions make his statements quite believable.

In Yaariyan, he plays a sober and an emotional guy who is madly in love with his wife. Although, their nikkah is done, the rukhsati has been delayed for some reasons and Junaid Khan portrays the emotions warranted in such sensitive situations brilliantly.

You cannot help but sympathise with the character and wonder how it would finally achieve what he desires.

In contrast, his role in Hania is entirely different to what we are used to seeing him as. He plays a completely different character who is an abusive and manipulative husband.

His character goes to extreme lengths to torture his wife and Junaid’s performance is such that you cannot help but hate the person he portrays.

It seems that he has absorbed the negative persona of the character and that’s what the winning trait of a true actor is.
The viewers have always shown their love and support for Junaid, be it for his acting or his exceptional singing.

Over the years, he has gained a huge fan following and he definitely has deserved it.

His multi-faceted and incredibly distinctive acting has made him one of the most sought-after celebrities in our industry.

Although he has starred in many dramas, Junaid Khan has a long way to go and it is quite safe to say that we just have not had enough of him!


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