“He is lying”, Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife reacts to his press conference

Fatima Sohail Chaudhry, the wife of Pakistani actor Mohsin Abbas Haider, claims she’s been pushed and punched with her son for three months.

Detailing her suffering, she told Geo Pakistan, “People are not blind, they can see that these bruises on my body were not the result of me falling from stairs.” A day earlier, Haider told a press gaggle that the pictures shared by his wife were taken after she fell from the top of a flight of stairs, denying that he ever raised a hand on her.

“He is lying. He is trying to confuse the media,” she told the host of the show, “I went to his house this month and he hit me again.”

Other celebrities in the entertainment industry supported Chaudhry’s claims. Many of whom went to social media to share their hearing and seeing. “The sector as a whole is a testimony to my ordeal.”

Chaudhry, who submitted a first report of data (FIR) against Haider, claims she has been desperately trying to save her marriage over the previous one year.

She even came to meet the mistress of her husband at one stage to persuade her to leave him. “Now all I want is for the tribunal to grant my kid the freedoms that Mohsin refuses to do.”


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