Dengue season returns in Pakistan

At the turn of the new decade, Pakistan has already confirmed an astonishing 106 Dengue cases.

The rise in the number of people infected in 2020 has not received the coverage that it deserves for various reasons; that does not take away from how serious it can be if not treated properly.

Pakistan has had a history with dengue fever because of poor sanitation and hygiene practices that are prevalent in our nation.

2019 saw over 47,212 reported cases of Dengue infection in the country as per WHO reported cases, a troublesome number indeed. The disease is a mosquito borne viral infection and has a devastating impact on the infected people and those around them.

However, the most effective preventive measure civilians can take is eliminating mosquitoes from their immediate environment to minimize the chances of infection.

Dengue fever is a tricky viral infection since it has four variants, increasing the chances of infections by 4X.

Add to the fact that it gets tougher to treat the virus every additional time you contract it, this disease could prove fatal and has claimed many lives. With half of the world at risk from infection, an estimated 390 million cases are being reported each year, a staggering number.

The dengue virus is tricky, can infect the same person multiple times in different ways and is known to lead to death if not treated properly. That coupled with its alarming growth rate, prevention is for sure, better than cure in this scenario.

It is a disease that can be avoided if we keep our environment free of the pests that carry this virus and ensure the safety of ourselves and our loved ones.


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