Common Teenage problems and their solutions

BY : Meghna Rohra

A noun that when pops in my mind, it takes shape of a pendulum clock that swings from one extreme to another because teen years are different phases of life that falls in between childhood and adulthood as it’s one of the most difficult and complicated parts of a person’s life.

Many decisions by teenagers make direct and influential impacts on their future, particularly towards their future college, job, and level of success.

While going through massive bodily changes, a teenager has to deal with school work, sustaining a social life, and making time for extra co-curricular activities, all while making some of the most important choices of their lives.

With so many different expectations to meet both socially and academically, being a teenager is no walk in the park. Not surprisingly, all of these common teenage problems are connected to one another, in some way.

However it does not mean that having one would lead to the other. Hence teen life is very important and the most common choices that lead to the ruining of a teen’s future are :

Additionally attraction of cell phones, unusual nail biting, pen sucking, no properly scheduled timings
Social media and gadgets plays a vital role in teenagers lives that now it became indispensable to them with all its forms and they can’t live without it .

In this epoch of 21st century, teenage life is observed as a life that’s playing with fire.The ultimate reason for this is that our youth has caged themselves in unhealthy habits and some of them are distinctly listed down:

(1) Smartphone addiction-

In particular, Addiction of anything is bad that takes the brain hostage and lose the power of choice, therefore no matter what kind of addiction it is, it holds a magic stick of destroying a person physically as well as mentally.

So, Smart phone addiction is most prevailing in teenagers dependency that’s colloquially called as nomophobia.

The cellphone has adversely affected growing generation , Many teenagers feel more comfortable with virtual friends than with real ones. It has distanced them from real life aspects and lead their focus on short term hooksup rather than real relationships.

It is that as If you put a cell phone into a social interaction, it does two things: First, it decreases the quality of what you talk about, because you talk about things where you wouldn’t mind being interrupted, which makes sense, and, secondly, it decreases the empathic connection that people feel toward each other.

inshort,they have build their choice over iron that will rust instead of pearls that will sparkle their life’s ocean.

(2) Unusual Nail biting-

In terms of medical teminology, Nail biting is known as Onychophagia It’s another nervous habit pervailing in our growing generation in between age of 15-17 years. It’s been found that nail biting has became children’s go to behaviour and occurs mostly when his mind has deeply rooted the wall with anxiety bricks and is taking time to vanish into cement.

Nail biting opens route for germs and bacteria to enter in body through oral contact because nails carry visible and invisible dirt that clings on even after a wash. Considering the stand point of DENTIST they say, nail biting has gotten a connection with teeth related diseases. They justify their view that when he or she bites the nail then that puts pressure and excessive stress on teeth which over passage of time weaken them and consequently cause their breaking.

In long run, this can also cause gum infection called PERIODONTAL disease damaging the soft tissue around teeth, swollen teeth, turning them red and a possible bleeding sometimes.

Apart from oral damage, It affects person’s good picture. It creates bad impression of your personality infront of your teachers, mentors,friends etc. so it’s well said grow the habits that rule the hearts.

(3) Pen sucking

It is an oral habit that Psychologists say that this act of sucking the pen provides self-comfort to the children as a result of feeling anxious and stressed. Observing a child in this posture of sucking reflex also leads a bad impression to the front people.

This habit is found in majority of students therefore observation suggests that student’s focus gets distracted in the class.

(4) Away from books

We may be living in the digital age, but reading books is still a big part of growing up. Sadly, the survey depicts that our teens are less into books and more into digital zone.

Today’s teen will waste their ample amount of time in superfluous activities, but won’t pull their muscle to drag a book in their hand. No matter, how bored our teen feels, they will still keep on scrolling their social apps.

They have mapped their mind unrealistically with such apps as solution to their boredom. They will spend their money on buying books, but instead of reading them, they will be more interested to embellish their shelves with books. Comparing the past, back to centuries students used to keep books beside their bed to read them before sleeping, but today it’s replaced by mobile.

The lack of reading habit have affected the students in their learning zone. The fast deterioration of failing culture of reading reports that a senior child of high grade can not read the books of junior level just like a child in fifth grade standard feels difficulty in reading books of three class or a post graduate student can not read the books of secondary level ; Television and irresponsible use of social media has been blamed for this calamitous situation, which is producing square-faced people and a bookless society.

(5) Improper schedule of life

Today, the life of teenagers is unbalanced because they don’t have a proper timetable in life. They have no scheduled timings of sleeping, they sleep late night regularly at different times. Due to uneven sleeping timings, they feel difficulty in waking up early morning and going to their respective educational institutions. The random sleeping patterns also affects their brain’s ability of memorising the things.

Not only the sleeping schedule, they also have unplanned timings of breakfast,lunch and dinner which makes them physically unfit.

So, There may be certain reasons :
Fear of failure.
Not having Goals in life.
Negative Mindset.
And the most important:
Lack of Self Discipline.


Finding balance in life is a life-skill worth practicing. For a teen, balance is achieved through a blend of activities that includes academics, physical and mental activities, getting physically active is such an important part of health that youngsters threw it in anyways!

breaking a sweat while doing exercises like walking, jogging or dancing, is elevating heart rate. This keeps the body and mind healthy, and it can help boost mood and make one feel better overall!

Even if one can’t get the recommended 60 minutes of daily exercise in, just going for a 10 minute walk can make a huge difference which can lead to a peaceful and purposeful life. Making healthy decisions about what to eat and drink and how much sleep to get is a great place to start.

So it only can be possible by eating a varied balanced diet and following a proper sleeping routine.

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