Bilal Abbas Khan in Balaa: Another Aura, Another Success


Bilal Abbas Khan is definitely no new name in the industry due to his flawless acting in infamous dramas like O Rangreza, Saya-E-Dewar Bhi Nahin and Rasm-e-Duniya.

What is even more interesting to note is that he is a true sweetheart for the audience. They appreciate him not just for his drop dead gorgeous looks, but his ability to mold himself into whichever character he plays with absolute perfection, be it the shy and demure Qasim of O Rangreza or the confident and bold Taimoor of Balaa.

Playing the lead man alongside Ushna Shah, Bilal is doing what he does best, wooing the audience with his appearance on screen. He is playing the character of Taimoor, a self-made independent young man, who has taken over the responsibility of his family after his father’s early demise. He is a sole earner and caretaker of his family.

Taimoor is a level headed, practical guy, who believes in making his own choices in life and isn’t scared of anyone. He has a very close knit family of a mother (Samina Peerzada) and two sisters. His relationship with his mother is that of a friend and confidant while his mother relies on his opinions and self-confidence.

Taimoor falls in love with a girl who doesn’t reciprocate it. He is all happy and excited about his upcoming marriage. As fate wills it, his fiancé decides to run away with her lover and this is when his entire world crashes. Taimoor is emotionally pressurized into accepting Nigar but since he is strong and poised, he saves his sister from Nigar’s brother.

In the most recent episodes, we find that Taimor seems to be losing his verve. The man we saw in the first few episodes, who was strong and independent has been shattered because of the betrayal he faced. Bilal Abbas Khan delivers exceptional expressions and his powerful screen presence is undeniable in both the phases we see him in.

Bilal Abbas Khan excelled as the jilted lover who is susceptible to the advances of another, supposedly loving girl. From his expression to his body language, dialogue delivery to his aura of rejection, Bilal acted so well that you would think he truly experienced heartbreak.

The guy who was so sure about himself and how he planned his life is suddenly lost. Bilal was making us feel exactly what he is feeling, utter disappointment and failure, a guy changing because of circumstances. We as the audience could feel his pain and gloom. And this is what marks the success of an actor, his ability to impart the character’s feelings to the ones watching.

Taimor’s mother Shama is becoming distant towards her son too, even though in her heart she knows how manipulative and evil Nigar can get. What we are yet to see is whether or not Taimor realize before it’s too late and how will Bilal Abbas Khan take another face with his commendable acting skills, as the drama takes another twist.

It won’t be wrong to say that we simply cannot wait for the next episodes of Balaa and see how Bilal a.k.a Taimoor tries to pick up the pieces of his life. Will he be able to love and trust again? Will he be happy with Nigar and sort things out with Nigaar? There is no doubt in our minds that this will be another huge success in Bilal’s career as he is doing absolute justice to his character!

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