Ahsan Khan’s show fined for using animals as prop

Time out ‘for’ Ahsan has been abusing innocent rabbits by using them as props from some time now. A petition was filed back in March against the show for animal cruelty.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has imposed a fine of Rs500,000 on a national entertainment channel for using animals as prop in its program Time Out with Ahsan Khan.

A petition was filed against the program, which is hosted by Pakistani film and television actor Ahsan Khan, by lawyer Faizullah Khan Niazi on behalf of Santia Gulzar against the TV channel and show.

“PEMRA saw fit to accept my arguments and impose a fine on Express Entertainment for using animals as props for the purposes of entertainment in its show Time Out with Ahsan Khan,” wrote Niazi on Twitter.

“The CoC [Council of Complaints] upheld the rights of animals and stopped unnecessary pain and suffering being caused to them,” added the lawyer.

A complain against ‘The Animal Cruelty Act 1890’ was made against the show by Crown chambers (a law firm), ‘subjecting a sentient living being, an animal, to unnecessary suffering is not only an offence under the law but a breach of the constitutionally guaranteed right to life under Art. 9..celebrities as guests, as a “punishment” or “penalty”, are required to hold an animal or at times required to pile several animals such as petrified rabbits/pigeons etc, on their laps, causing distress not only to the animals but to the guest at times as well.

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