A woman had surgery to look like Meghan

(GN): Lawyer Xochi Greer, 36, underwent plastic surgery to replicate some of Meghan Markle’s features.

She received liposuction and fat grafting on her body, as well as rhinoplasty and fillers in her face.

Greer told INSIDER she loves the results and feels that the surgery has helped boost her self-confidence.

In the time since announcing her engagement to Prince Harry in November 2017, Meghan Markle has become one of the most influential people in the world.

The so-called “Markle effect” has seen fashion brands such as Outland Denim and LINE experience a huge spike in sales, and she even landed a spot on TIME’s 2018 Person of the Year list. Her influence has become so strong that people are now starting to get plastic surgery to replicate the “Markle sparkle.”

Greer starting meeting with Houston-based surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose around the time of the royal wedding. She and Dr. Rose decided to focus on replicating Markle’s most striking features; Markle’s presence in the media helped inspire the look she wanted for the surgery.

“I think [Meghan Markle] is a gorgeous woman with beautiful features and I felt like a nose similar to hers would look great on me,” Greer told INSIDER. “Meghan also has a gorgeous strong jawline so I wanted to try and make my jawline a little stronger as well.”

During her consultation, which was documented by ABC News, Greer and Dr. Rose decided to proceed with liposuction, fat grafting, and rhinoplasty. She also had temporary fillers in her jawline to more closely replicate Markle’s facial structure. ABC News reports that Greer had $30,000 worth of surgery, though she told INSIDER she received a discount (she did not disclose the amount) from Dr. Rose for her television appearance.

Greer told us that she loves the final results of her surgery.

“I think I got exactly what I wanted out of it,” Greer said. “The changes are subtle, yet just enough to give me that extra boost of confidence.”

Greer’s initial decision to get plastic surgery came after the birth of her third child, when she said her body did not “bounce back” the way she expected.

“After the birth of my youngest daughter, my body just wasn’t the same,” the mother of three said. “Bouncing back from pregnancy in your mid-30s is not as easy as it is in your mid-20s.”

She told us that she was also in the midst of a child support issue with her youngest daughter’s father, which she said led to self-esteem issues at the time and chipped away at her confidence.

“I went to Dr. Rose to see what we could do to help get my body back to where it needed to be and to fix my nose, which was broken several years prior,” she said.

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