Yasir Hussain tells haters to live and let live

One of Pakistan’s hottest duos of Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz is known to get tangled up a little too often in controversy, also attracting a magnitude of haters under their social media posts.

Yasir Hussain and his supposed wife Iqra Aziz revealed a hilarious TikTok video with a little message to their critics in a humorous effort to ask the nitpickers to live and live.

The love birds on their ongoing romantic getaway can be seen aboard a ferry ride lip-syncing to a song from a Bollywood classic hit ‘Hum Nahi Rahi Pyar Ke.’

Along with the video of the two, Yasir wrote: “Yeh movie “hum hain rahi pyaar k “ mai be atleast 20 bar dekhi hogi [I have watched this movie at least 20 times] . And I love this song so we made this tiktok. Enjoy !!”

“Aur hate comments karna band karo yaar enjoy karo . Jal Jal k skin kyon kharaab karni . Geo aur geeny Do . [And please stop sending hate comments. Live and let live. Why do you want to ruin your skin by getting jealous continusly?],” he added.

Giving a final warning to his ‘haters’ he stated: “Warna mera assistant block kar dega phir kesy dekho gy aur kahan comment karo gy ؟؟؟ Khush rahen aur Khush rehny den [Otherwise my assistant will block you. How will you see and comment then? Stay happy and let people be happy.]”

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