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Make Ramadan Exciting with SnackVideo!


Ramadan is right around the corner and SnackVideo, the popular short-form video platform in Pakistan is all set to welcome the month with unrivaled mix of content.

This month is full of great vibes with the spirit of kindness and giving, people coming together, the celebration of beloved key religious traditions, every act infused with positivity and enthusiasm. SnackVideo is not holding back with keeping up with the trends, as always, and has planned a fun-filled month ahead. Let’s dive into what to expect and get excited!

The beloved month is a great chance to recharge your spiritual batteries, get closer to God and focus on Ibadaat so immerse yourself in beautiful Dhikr, Tilawat e Quran, Hamd and Naat, as well as various relevant, religious content that will be the cherry on top for your Ramadan agenda.

Some great suggestions for you are Umar Farooq (@Umar Farooq_Official), Yaqoob (@Yaqoob_63) and Raees Ahmed (@Raees.ahmed.786).
Another exciting development that will be activated on SnackVideo during Ramadan will be live streaming.

You will be able to access Duas and Tilawats during Sehri and Iftar time and enjoy it as it’s happening! Watch for Faisal Shabbir (@FaisalShabbir), Asad Sanaullah (@AsadSanaullah) Official and Muhammad Asim (@Muhammad Asim) for some quality live streams.

We all love food and the month is full of wholesome Iftar gatherings where we get a chance to make as well as try mouth-watering dishes. SnackVideo will be offering delicious content where you can learn and make tons of Sehri and iftar recipes or just enjoy the videos while drooling.

Our talented snackers that will make you salivate with exciting recipes are Its Cehar (@itscehar), Samiullah Food Secrets (@samiullahfoodsecrets) and Food with Adnan (@Foodwithadnan) amongst many others.

#ActOfKindness hashtag challenge is a great addition to the already exciting Ramadan plan on SnackVideo and will focus on feel-good content as well as positive topics that will be inspiring for the viewers.

Another great hashtag trend will be #MyLifeInRamadan where snackers will share their daily or ideal Ramadan routine, some great tips and advice as well as content that will encourage inculcating good habits.

There is much to look forward to on SnackVideo this Ramadan so don’t miss out on what’s in store, download the app and connect with many talented snackers while having fun viewing brilliant as well as original content.



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