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#HSY, as ambassador of #NOWPDP unveiled the official uniforms

NOWPDP’s ambassador, HSY, tendered to take the responsibility of designing school uniforms for the young students.

From discussions to execution, the idea to design a school uniform – encapsulating all the elements of Moriro Markaz while highlighting the tenacity of students with disabilities – turned into a reality. Diligently designed by HSY, the beautiful blue and off white school uniforms are manufactured by the wonderful people at Gul Ahmed.

To showcase the uniquely designed uniforms, and to express gratitude to HSY, NOWPDP held a uniform distribution event at NOWPDP House on Friday, October 8, 2021.

The joyful students were delighted to receive their brand new uniforms and discussed their dreams and aspirations with HSY. The students, after the distribution ceremony, came back on stage, wearing the uniforms.

This time around, the audience could see that the apparent differences had vanished altogether. Clad in the same dresses, they seemed equal and one.

The uniform became a symbol of inclusivity, bringing children from diverse backgrounds together as one

From the blue and white color palette, which is gender neutral, to the stitching details, the uniforms are designed for functionality.

The highlight of these uniforms is the incorporation of “chawal tanka” which takes inspiration from braille.

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