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Gluco Kahani’s memorable Children’s Day rhyme teaches the spirit of helping others

This International Children’s Day, Peek Freans Gluco has launched a new rhyme, ‘Qadam Barhaein Hum’ in their popular series in the children’s edutainment category, called Gluco Kahani.

This rhyme comes as a gift to Gluco Kahani’s young fans through which they can learn social, moral, and ethical values in their national language Urdu. 

Gluco Kahani is a platform launched under the umbrella of Peek Freans Gluco in partnership with Bilal Maqsood and Talisman Animation featuring rhymes in our local language with the agenda to give purposeful content to our future generation.

Together with Bilal’s soulful voice, these rhymes directed by Umer Adil, provide quality content with invaluable life lessons for children.

Our latest rhyme relays a meaningful and heart touching message in the context of the difficult times Pakistan is experiencing – that of catastrophic floods faced by millions of Pakistanis.

‘Qadam Barhaein Hum’ is a metaphoric depiction of the nation coming together to help their communities. It is the story of a bird, whose nest and fledglings are caught in a heavy storm, but the brave animals of the jungle work together to rescue them successfully.

The heart-touching concept teaches our children the importance of empathy, kindness, and the power of coming together in the face of adversity.

This new addition to Gluco Kahani’s platform holds a special place in the series because of the message it carries. It resonates with the humanitarian efforts of Pakistanis, from all walks of life, coming forward in times of need.  

The rhyme ‘Qadam Barhaein Hum’ builds on the eight, previously released rhymes as a medium for parents to help teach their children important life lessons. It also adheres to the vision of Peek Freans Gluco to nourish the lives of future generations with good quality animated urdu-content that children can resonate with, given its messaging. 

“Children observe and absorb emotions and messages from their environment. And recently they have witnessed the incredible distress faced by the people of Pakistan. This rhyme, in the simplest of ways, acts as a reminder to us all to show compassion for others when tragedy strikes and teaches the values of empathy, kindness, and community to our children.

This project continues Peek Freans Gluco’s commitment to help nourish future generations wholistically” said GM Marketing, Aaminah Saeed of EBM.

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