Umair Jaswal’s Gagar wins hearts of fans

Rockstar Umair Jaswal returns with another hard-hitting track, ‘Gagar’. The song was so well received that fans all over Pakistan got their dancing shoes on to recreate Jaswal’s epic moves.

With up to four million views on social media platforms in only two days, the trend has made waves all over the internet along with the tags #GagarFever and #GagarKick.

As a fresh rendition of a classic song by singer/songwriter Alamgir, Jaswal’s version of ‘Gagar’ gets people moving. The music video officially launched last weekend and fans were blown away by his energetic performance. His powerful voice along with the funky tune created the perfect beat to get anyone into a good mood.

People all over the internet were jumping up and down and grooving to the music as Umair Jaswal trademarked the iconic Gagar kick alternating with a jumping dab.

Whether in a group or solo dance, no one can deny that this song keeps the good vibes going.

With a rhythm that gets people of all ages dancing, the vocalist’s incredible performance won hearts in an instant. Umair Jaswal never fails to impress with his music, style and dance moves alike.

What a great way to add some joy during hard times. We have been jamming to the song since its release and can’t wait to see what the rockstar will do next!

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