Sarwat Gilani is on the search for the perfect pet for her juniors

Actress and supercool mom Sarwat Gillani  posted a video on her Instagram that had all of us wondering what she is up to now.

The actress asked her fans and followers to help her in a pet search for her two boys as she wants to bring home a pet!

Well, getting a pet for your kids during quarantine times might be a great idea as it would keep them busy and invest in something productive that is also fun.

In the Instagram post, Sarwat Gillani wanted her followers’ input on what pet she should keep. “What do you guys think? A rabbit, a fish… or maybe a lion?”

It would be fun to have a lion around the house, right?

Which pet should Sarwat Gillani keep for her juniors? Let’s head over to her page to let her know!