Playdium: Best Playland, Entertainment center in Lahore

Playdium at Avenue Mall is an indoor gaming arcade with rides and games for everyone. The indoor theme park is one of its kind featuring rides of international standards and many of them have been introduced for the first time in Pakistan.

The most striking feature of this space is its neon theme ambiance which is one of its kind in Lahore, it surely makes you immerse in the lights and take those Instagram worthy pictures.

This place has attracted many photographers for photoshoots and art directions by leading brands. Games like PUGB, Basketball, Pong, 360 Degree Gyroscope, Augmented Reality and many others are exclusively attracting the youngsters and adults of all ages apart from the general rides and games that have been installed for the little kids.

The exclusive soft play area is an ideal setup designed by expert consultants of Play areas for kids, ideally suitable for children of ages ranging from 2 to 6 years of age and also has Education Game for Children.

The area has activities and games such as mini bus, shooting gun, air-controlled balls, interactive video games, puzzles, Lego, boxing punch and many more activities for kids where the representatives takes extra care of each child’s safety and security while parents can watch their kids play or even walk through the mall and shop or simply enjoy a cup of coffee while sipping on to some peace at the food court right next to the play area, while the team at Playdium ensures that the kids are having the best time.

In many activities inside the soft play, parents are welcomed to join and assist their child. Soft play area has been designed to stimulate active brain development in young children ensuring that the time spent in this space turns out to be valuable in all aspects.

The colorful setup and the presence of various objects in different shapes and sizes are all a means for brain to understand and learn in a new environment.

Playdium has got the first largest indoor dodgem car setup in Lahore which is everyone’s favorite and must try experience on every trip. In just rs.250 per dodgem car ride, you and your front seat partners gets to enjoy a thrilling rock and roll ride.

Another most favorite in the adult’s category is Basketball, Pong and PUBG and these are absolutely addicting. You just have to try them for once.

Coming to the most exciting part of the Playland. So, who’s looking for kids’ birthday party places near me? Playdium at Avenue Mall has hosted some amazing birthday parties where all the arrangements from decoration to food is taken care off by their team.

All you have to do is choose your kids favorite birthday theme which could be anything from famous movie and cartoon characters to superheroes. All the arrangements from birthday invites to handing over themed goody bags to the guests are then taken care of by Playdium management.

As for the budget, you get to choose from a variety of packages suiting your requirements. Given the current scenario of Corona Virus, Playdium has put in place extra precautionary measures. Masks are an absolute necessity and there is only a certain number of people who are allowed inside the vicinity at a given time period.

Birthday parties are also hosted at special hours to allow segregation and maximum distance from the rest of the members coming to visit. Their dedicated and supportive staff is always present to ensure your event goes smoothly.

Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for a full overview of this supercool space and the previous parties it has organized.
While you are at Playdium, It’s not just the gaming that you can enjoy.

Avenue Mall itself is a full on family entertainment center, shopping and grocery package. Avenue Mall is a ten storey mall that entertain shoppers of the surrounding areas throughout the day.

It is known for the finest apparel brands (Sapphire, Motifz, Edenrobe, Cross stitch Zara Aliz, Khasstores, Kross Kulture, BTW, ets) and the best footwear brands (Bata, Unze london, Stylo, Borjan), along with some amazing kids clothing brands like Cinderalla and Quratulain Saqib and the famous grocery of Carrefour Market.

This mall offers something good for every age group. It’s not just the clothing and the footwear that this place is known for, there are other things that can make your time and money well spent such as regular events for all occasions and the famous coffeehouse in Lahore Gloria Jean’s offering outdoor and indoor sitting arrangement.

For details check their instagram and facebook page

Phone number +92 310 0007529

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