Levi’s live round two back with a bang

Levi’s live round two kicked off with an evening of spontaneous music at Riot Studios which saw various artistes on the stage performing together.

The debut session of round two featured Farhad Humayun, Keeray makoray, Arsalan Hassan, Salman Albert ,Kami Paul just to name a few musicians who were part of the jam session.

The concept behind the live session was to launch Levi’s live round two with an evening of music which highlights the creative aspect of live music.

The show has been a form of entertainment which shares its art with the audience and this form of exchange can only be found in a live jam session.

The debut Levi’s live round two was the culmination of that ethos with a young audience that kept flowing in and out throughout the evening as various musicians took to the stage to perform their own hits and sing with other artistes present.

Levi’s is staying true to its vision of reviving live music in Pakistan and providing them with a platform to achieve their dream to step into the Pakistani Music Industry.

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