Karachi Wins PSL 2020 and people can’t stop sharing why Karachi is Love!

The much-delayed Pakistan Super League (PSL) final was finally played last night between Karachi and Lahore, and to the excitement of Karachiites, the host city Karachi won the 5th edition of the league in a high-intensity encounter.

As Karachi lifted the trophy and the sky was lit with an amazing fireworks show, people took to Twitter to congratulate the winning team and appreciate their performance, all while expressing their love for the city of lights.

Karachiites also did not hold back in showering love and praises for their team.

The hashtag #KarachiIsLove came alive on Twitter as people poured in love from all corners for team Karachi and the city that deserves this celebration!  

Before the match, Shaniera Akram – who is always seen advocating for Karachi and its people also tweeted out to celebrate the big day for Karachi – reminding us how “Karachi is a city that belongs to everyone”

They shared about how the City of Lights Karachi is Love and how the fireworks enhanced its beauty.

People also appreciated how Karachi is love as Karachiites endured traffic jams and security restrictions for the league to end on such a high note.  

While they were at it, they also couldn’t stop from talking about Biryani—something you cannot ignore when you’re talking about all the reasons why Karachi is love!

Cricket is something very close to the heart of Pakistanis and Karachiites. After the recent release of Coke’s anthem ‘Karachi is Love’ that has undoubtedly taken over social media, this final gave people a reason to rejoice in the love for this city and we couldn’t be more happy.


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