Image’s Eid Pret 2 collection is just what you need this Festive season

Image’s latest collection called ‘Eid Pret 2’ is a work of art that will leave you spoiled for choice. The collection will add colours to your wardrobe this festive season with its stunning and intricate patterns and designs. 

The limited collection was unveiled just in time to ring in Eid-ul-Adha festivities. Understanding the importance of women’s attire and the part it plays during such festivities, Image ensures that each piece in the collection will wow you with the special attention to detail.

The collection has a total of 15 co-ord, 2-piece outfits that come with a kurta and bottom. The collection has been designed using premium cotton satin that helps your skin breathe and keeps you comfortable. 

The clothes are embellished with exquisite embroidery and sequin work that has been done on breathable fabric so you can stay cool without compromising on style. Eid Pret 2 has a color arrangement that radiates summer vibes and effortlessness.

There are reds, blues, purples, lilacs and pastel yellows so you have a wide variety to choose from depending on your mood, occasion and time of the day.

Prices for the collection start from Rs. 11,990 and it is available online and in Image stores nationwide. Hurry before stocks run out.

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