How to beat Boredom

By : Manha Abdullah

Defeating boredom and a step towards success!
Boredom. It is a quite common occurrence especially among the young people of
Pakistan these days.

Quarantine has increased the intensity of this phenomenon..

To defeat boredom one either sleeps, plays games, watches movies, gets on an hours-
long call with friends, and wastes their time in other ways. Here I am talking about most of the youth.

The elders on the other hand barely have any time to waste. Now how exactly do we defeat boredom? I mean sometimes we all procrastinate which
is very natural.

But making it a habit is not something you would want to do with your life because once time flies, there is no going back. As scary as it sounds. But you do not need to worry as in this article you will come across.

There is a very amazing concept of a step towards success. Which is sleeping one hour earlier than usual this way you will have 30 more hours per month to do the things which are important to you.

We should explore more practical skills. Discover our passions and the reason for existence in the world. Everyone’s fun defemination is different.

Here in this article, you will definitively find it a little easier.

1) Spend time with your family

The reason it is first on the list is that in our daily life even if we are looking for ways to
escape boredom and kill time.

This idea never occurs to us. We all love our parents
but we do not give enough time to them. Parents can be harsh at times for no reason. They can refuse you from going somewhere and not give a good reason.

But no matter what they are our parents and the rules for the rest of the world do not
apply to them.

Sometimes they are trying to teach you endurance. Just sit with them and chat a bit no matter how hard it might be. Give it a shot and you will feel an
unexpected kind of happiness!

2) Work out your plans

Often, I heard myriad people saying we do not know what we must do after

If things do not go as planned by nature that is another thing but not knowing what you will get into requires you to put time for your future. Search around on the internet.

Never feel afraid to search out for new options. YouTube videos regarding different professions biotechnology, aviation, artificial intelligence,
nanotechnology, teaching, entrepreneurship, journalism and so many more.

Shortlist the ones you specifically seem interested in Cut down to the last three options.

Choose your subjects likewise and make a pathway for yourself. Set your university goals and start working for them. It all might not be so difficult when you jot down on a paper.

3) Build your extracurriculars.

Gains hands-on beneficial experience by doing
internships and volunteer work. These things help to get a lot of good exposure in the
world and gain skills like coordination, dealing with deadlines, leadership, patience,
kindness, and sympathy.

Not everyone has skills and once you have even one, you are no longer useless. It is going to stay with you for the rest of your life. What you
can learn is a high-level programming language start from something as simple as

Do MUNs (Model United Nation conferences). Take some courses free or paid for from sites like Edx, Udemy, Coursera, etc.

4) Contribute to your society

Living in Oblivion is the worst thing one can do as a being. Start taking notice of things. There must always something we can do and if not alone then we can gather friends, devote ourselves to a cause, and make even the slightest of difference.

It will be hectic but the satisfaction you will feel cannot be put into words. When you contribute to the nature of Allah, He makes things easier for you.
Allah pays back everyone’s kindness indeed. Look out for poor people in your area by giving them food, look out for stray animals; cats, and dogs and feed them.

Educate people about not harming the animals. Good things do not always require
you to have money. You can clean your area with your friends too!

5) Groom yourself

Self-grooming is important because we live comfortably all our teens and when the
practical life comes the life teaches you lessons in a harsh way. So, it is better to experience difficulties little by little now and learn things along the way and grow mature.

Start being more kind. More responsible with as little as washing your dishes
L or taking care of your servants’ needs to praying all five prayers on time.

Teach yourself to not argue every time someone opposes you. Lead something, initiate a
project for society. There will be obstacles but the learning experience will be irreplaceable. Take care of your health by eating less junk and doing just 20 mins of exercise each day.

6) Learn more about your religion

There is so much we do not know about our religion. So many misconceptions we still
believe in today due to a lack of knowledge. Read one new hadith every single day.

Try reading a little bit of Quraan necessarily with translation. If we do not understand what Quraan has today how will we adopt it as a lifestyle then. It has the solution to all the problems we face today. Secure your akhirah because we know as Muslims that it will come. And the punishment for our sins like missing prayers is up to thousands of years in hell. Just a kind reminder😊

Make these six points a part of your checklist and track how you plan to do them in your life.

And trust me you will not have time to think about how to defeat boredom or pass time.

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